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The above mentioned purposes shall exist in order for the further and interminable continuation of the Great Feminist Experiment of the 20th Century in an isolated and pure state of independent development. The state shall be established with all the modern factories, farms, fisheries and industrial facilities required for the maximization of social and ideological success. To the state, well-versed enthusiasts shall be appointed from among the inclined peoples of the World to form a Gynocratic Ruling Class, which shall govern the said territory without reference to external authorities. To the state, well-versed enthusiasts shall be appointed from among the inclined peoples of the World to form an all-male Slave Class, which shall serve the said Gynocratic Ruling Class without reference to external authorities.

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Richard Montgomery Chairman Richard Montgomery, a native of east Tennessee, was appointed to the Board of Parole in January, 2013. He is a former state representative from Sevier County, serving in the General Assembly for 14 years (1998‐2012).

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