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Then, in 1991, she guest-starred on Superboy with a young Clark Kent before he called himself Superman, playing the villainous Christina Riley, a woman who is, in secret, a werewolf. In 1992, Marshall had a three-episode guest role on The Wonder Years and later guest-starred on shows such as Seinfeld, Nash Bridges, Grapevine and Diagnosis: Murder. After a few years in B movies, Marshall gained a role on a second series, 1997's Chicago Sons.

Later on in 1992, she starred in the movie Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, as "Terri". In the same year, she landed a recurring role on Spin City and starred alongside Bette Midler and Dennis Farina in the film That Old Feeling, where her character fell in love with one played by Danny Nucci.

Within eight years, she starred in six different TV shows that all were canceled in less than a season: Hidden Hills (2002), Cursed (2000), Snoops (1999), Cupid (1998), Chicago Sons (1997), and Wild Oats (1994).

In 1990, Marshall had a guest role as Iris West, the love interest of Flash (Barry Allen) on the short-lived Flash TV Series in the opening pilot episode. Abby O'Reardon, an evil scientist who rejuvenates her boss (and later becomes his mother) and is bent in turning grown men into babies.

In 1994 she got her first sitcom role on Wild Oats, which was cancelled in its first season.

After a few years in B-movies, Marshall gained a second series with 1997's Chicago Sons which fared no better.

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