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After sharing with you some tips on how to avoid rental scams and determine if you are dealing with a legitimate company or agent before choosing an apartment, this week we wanted to show you how to spot clues that the apartment you are looking to rent may be a fake.Rental scams are on the rise, so it is more important than ever to look into the person or company that you are dealing with and make sure they are legitimate.If you are not able to apply on line, or if you are not the approved signatory for a bank account, please download and print the Application Form and the Direct Debit Instruction.Once completed, please return via the post to Mersey Tunnels.For MY2017 every Hino truck is equipped with, and supported by, the Hino Insight platform.That means you have instant access to business intelligence and Remote Diagnostics with Case Management that not only increases profitability and fleet & driver efficiency, but reduces downtime and operating costs.Building safe and reliable light and medium duty trucks is a start, but following our mission and doing what’s right by our customers only comes from providing a total support experience.

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But you can't claim back the cost of fixing a faulty item.

Why purchase an i Phone or i Pod charger when you can build one yourself?

Keep in mind this is fairly difficult, but worth it if you don't want to spend money on a new cable.

Chargeback doesn't mean there is joint liability on the card company.

Claims must be addressed to the bank that provides your debit or credit card, which in turn will put in a request to the merchant's bank.