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You’re the former member of MTV’s Making The Band , which consisted of five members, including yourself, from five different backgrounds.

In life, personally and professionally, we’re put in positions that may require us to work with people who are much different from ourselves.

I was only complaining about the business of not getting what we deserved to get paid from all the hard work we were putting in. With that being said, I want to share with you words from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that he shared with us in our study guides.

What gets you through in the group is protecting the brand and protecting that business. He teaches that with anything of value there’s always a difficulty factor attached to it. It keeps us pushing and it keeps us striving for excellence. Therefore, even though the business wasn’t always right, and I was complaining on Television and I would sit there through all that stuff, I always had faith.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs had a grand vision: to create the biggest-selling boyband the world had ever seen. With Diddy’s wisdom and creativity fuelling the young Que’s talent, he was propelled straight into the life of an R&B star.

The brilliance behind such stars as Jodeci, Mary J Blige and Notorious B. Where other band members found it hard to cope not only with the very tough taskmaster that is Sean Combs, but also their newfound lifestyles and the sheer hard work involved with such a project, Que seemed to sail through the entire process, emerging without so much as a hair out of place.

In season 1, after beating out numerous contestants for a spot in Sean ' Diddy' Combs’ guy group, Mosley, Robert Curry, Micheal Mc Cluney, Brian Andrews, and Willie Taylor were put in the group now known as Day26.

He was the youngest member of the group Day26 signed on Bad Boy Records, along with their former label members, Danity Kane and Donnie Klang.

Falling in love with Que As Day26 and its accompanying reality show progressed, we fell in love with Que, and he in turn openly fell in love with Dawn Richard (formerly of Danity Kane, now of Diddy-Dirty Money).

The nation was hooked as they shared their first kiss and became one of the most loveable couples in R&B history.

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