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Another said: “My love, wish I could dance to that song with you.” Meanwhile, in Jessica’s neighbouring country Brazil – where the attitude to clothing on television appears to be “less is more” – a recent TV clip has been getting viewers hot under the collar.It saw a red-hot TV host being upstaged by a beach babe’s major on-air nip slip.

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The TV babe – hugely popular in her native Colombia – is gaining fans from across the globe, thrilling her 2.9million followers with stunning photos and clips.

But the latest footage sees Jessica winding, grinding and twerking for the camera while backstage at a TV set.

Be honest: would you ever have sex with your buddy's hot girlfriend if she came on to you?

Most of us would like to say no, but professional You Tube gamer Joel Morris and his smokeshow reality star girlfriend Jessica Shears decided to test this theory out in this epic prank video.