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And you, homeboy, shoulda/woulda/coulda put a ring on it, but instead you overplayed your poker hand, as well as other poker parts, and now you’re played out.Here’s what you’ve gotta know: You don’t need statistical studies to know the ratio of women to men is out of freaking control, which many Atlanta women will tell you is exactly how dudes here behave.If you’re a single straight guy and you don’t live here, you’re an idiot. This means that unlike men, women in Atlanta workout, have great jobs, multiple degrees, high-performing investment portfolios, rental properties, on-call hairdressers, and personal chefs.Moreover, you don't have kids and you're college educated, so that puts you into the top 1.5% of black women in the Metro area. And since this is Washington, DC, these are not your average black men.These are doctors, lawyers, business owners, politicos, etc. You can get flown out to LA for All-Star weekend by a high-powered attorney one week and then wined and dined by a radiologist the next.